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Artswork was started in 1997 by Deb Willaredt because she loved unusual handmade things and couldn't find anywhere around her to buy them! She loved art fairs and regional shows, but there were no permanent shops who sold such things.

With a love of creativity and a desire to support artisans who chose to make their living by their skills, she started in a 500 square foot building, and today has 2000 beautiful square feet overlooking the Mississippi River with beautiful light in a wonderful small Midwestern town.

Sourcing from Artisans across the US and Canada, Deb has the time of her life discovering new handmade clothing, jewelry, "housey" stuff, pottery, and everything else!

Artswork also carries several women's co-operative items ( Fair Trade Only!!! ) such as weavings from Guatemala or knitting from Bolivia, because the items are great and the causes worthy.

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Artswork is a unique shop in downtown LeClaire, Iowa that features handmade:
• fine art     • pottery     • clothing     • jewelry     • and so much more

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